We are Hashstash. An award winning independent game development studio from India, recognised for our innovative and engaging gameplay. We are the developers of Circulets (winner of third place for Best Casual Game at BestAppEver Awards 2014) and Huerons (winner of fourth place at Indie DB's App of the Year 2014).


Why do we make games?

We came into existence to make fun and engaging games. Our motivation to make games is to build new experiences on the platform and push it forward to what the platform can be in our players' lives. We have grown up on a healthy dose of games in our lives and the creative expression is important for us. We want to enrich people's lives in the same way that ours was enriched by the games we play.

What have we been upto?

Since our inception, we have worked on the (abandonware) Zap the Knight, the award winning Circulets, it's spin-off Circulets: Lok Sabha, and the award winning Huerons. Circulets was well received by our players. It won the 'Most Innovative' game award at Casual Connect Asia 2013 and the third place for Best Casual Game at the 6th BestAppEver awards (2014) organized by 148Apps. Huerons was recently placed fourth for App of the Year 2014 by SlideDB (part of IndieDB family). Our latest game "Splash Damage: Survive if you Can" was released on January 22 2015. We are working on a new sports game that will soon be announced.

How fared our first project?

Our first project was titled 'Pydpypr' and was a snake-like game for the PC. As with most first projects, we made many mistakes with the game, ending up with never finishing it. Which is when we took up the mobile opportunity and started work on our first mobile game 'Zap the Knight'. After a series of ups and downs, Zap pretty much became abandonware, though we released it on the Google Play Store on May 14 2012. The game is far from complete, but has received much affection from our players. It is our solemn pledge to go back and finish the game one day.

We are independent, how do we pay your bills?

In our early days, we took up work for hire and did them as sustenance projects. But it was very distracting and our own games suffered for want of time. We do not do any sustenance projects anymore. With a prayer on our lips and courage in our hearts, we focus on our next few games, and see where it takes us.



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Huerons was fourth App of the Year for 2014" - SlideDB's App of the Year 2014
  • "Circulets was third place for Best Casual Game" - 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps
  • "Circulets was awarded the Most Innovative Game" - Casual Connect Asia 2013, Singapore
  • "Circulets was nominated for the Indie Game of the Year 2013" - NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2013, India
  • "Circulets was a honorable mention for the Most Innovative Game" - 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps
  • "Circulets was a honorable mention for the Most Innovative App" - 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps

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