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9 May, 2013

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Hanging out with friends? Take it to the next level with this awesome, active social game! Tease, chat and finger-joust to the death as you use smart strategies to collect tiny coloured circles against the clock! This award-winning touchscreen tap-out is fun, frantic and totally hilarious! Circulets takes the fun for families and parties to the next level by introducing two players to a competitive play on a single device. Define your own rules as you collect circulets (or not) to play. Circulets is a new kind of experience for your i-devices.


Circulets began as our One Game A Month (1GAM) project for February 2013, but once we revealed the game to friends and got a lot of positive feedback we decided to polish it and release it as a full blown game. It began as a game outside of Hashstash, but when it came to doing the game proper and publishing it, the game was brough in to Hashstash as two members of the team were already part of Hashstash.


  • Two player's, One device - a new way of playing on your phone and tablet
  • No rules - it's a mobile toy, not just a mobile game
  • 3 game modes
  • Share moments - it is not about winning, it is about who you play with!
  • Play it as you wish


Circulets Release Trailer YouTube

Circulets Video Review YouTube

Circulets Reveal Video YouTube

Circulets in IGN Roundup YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Most Innovative game" Casual Connect Asia, Singapore
  • "Third Place for Best Casual Game" 6th BestAppEver Awards by 148Apps
  • "Honorable Mention for Most Innovative Game" 6th BestAppEver Awards by 148Apps
  • "Honorable Mention for Most Innovative App" 6th BestAppEver Awards by 148Apps
  • "Honorable Mention for Indie Game of the Year" NASSCOM Game Developer Conference, India
  • "Circulets was awarded the Most Innovative Game" Casual Connect Asia 2013, Singapore
  • "Circulets was nominated for the Indie Game of the Year 2013" NASSCOM Game Developer Conference 2013, India
  • "Circulets was nominated for the Most Innovative Game" 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps
  • "Circulets was nominated for the Most Innovative App" 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps
  • "Circulets was nominated for the Best Casual Game" 6th BestAppEver Android Awards by 148Apps

Selected Articles

  • "...one of the best two-player games available on mobile right now. It’s simple, fun, looks good and at just $0.99, is quite cheap..."
    - Prasad, gsmarena.com
  • "...it's like a new form of Rock, Papers, Scissors when you need to make quick decisions between friends..."
    - Ford Seewus, youtube.com
  • "I’ve been playing with friends and it has been a lot of fun. They get used to the game very quickly and start enjoying it even sooner."
    - Preshit Deorukhkar, beautifulpixels.com
  • "...it’s so easy to play, that I won’t be surprised if it climbs up to the top 10 of the paid apps list..."
    - NT Balanarayan, postnoon.com
  • "Highly recommended if you’re looking for an interesting few minutes with your pals."
    - Varun Verma, Pune Mirror
  • "Circulets is a an extremely enjoyable game to play with family and friends. Its simplicity will attract players of all ages."
    - Parth Bagaria, Hyderabad Chronicle
  • "...is a unique two-player tabletop game for touch devices..."
    - Sameer Desai, mcvindia.com
  • "It’s an intensely simple game, but the action is as furious as any FPS or beat-’em-up."
    - Spanner Spencer, 100percentindie.com
  • "...it’s something that you’ll fall in love with at a first glance. I know I did."
    - Kartik Mudgal, gamingbolt.com
  • "...the urge to get more and more circles to our pit makes it very addictive..."
    - Hans Gogia, installornot.com
  • "...you did not tell me green is a bonus, i'd have gone for it!..."
    - IGN, ign.com
  • "If you are looking for a great local multiplayer game then I recommend giving Circulets a try."
    - Ishaan Arya, jags.in
  • "Já é divertido só de assistir. Agora imagine você lá. Ação!"
    - Helbert Rocha, meupinguim.com
  • "Circulets is a great way to have fun with your family and friends, is simple and easy to play and keeps you entertained without stressing you out."
    - Saher Ali, angrygadgets.com
  • "...a really great game you can enjoy with your friends..."
    - Ujjwal Kumar, droidextra.org
  • "...for anyone who wants to have some fun and most productive way to sort out arguments..."
    - Sidharth Beckaya, illgaming.in
  • "..is an easy-to-learn family game designed for interactions between the players and includes a lot of playfulness.."
    - Kinshuk Sunil, gamesauce.org
  • "a game that encourages you to play face-to-face with your friends"
    - Amber Neely, macnn.com
  • "Poznajcie Circulets – grę, która dostarczy Wam masy pozytywnych emocji i sprawi, że na czas rozgrywki ubędzie Wam nieco lat ;)"
    - Marcin Kabziński 17.05.2013, antyapps.pl

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The increasingly blurred line between drawing inspiration and cloning
How Circulets had to suffer because of allegations of being a clone, even when given a clean chit by the developer of the other game. mcvindia.com.

Circulets featured in the World's first iPhone Bundle
Circulets was a part of the World's first iPhone App Bundle organised by Thumb Arcade. pocketgamer.co.uk.

About Hashstash

We are Hashstash. An award winning independent game development studio from India, recognised for our innovative and engaging gameplay. We are the developers of Circulets (winner of third place for Best Casual Game at BestAppEver Awards 2014) and Huerons (winner of fourth place at Indie DB's App of the Year 2014).

More information
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Circulets Credits

Kinshuk Sunil
druid of the craft, Hashstash

Mayank Saini
keeper of the dark, Hashstash

Sanchit Gulati
late to the party, Hashstash

Yadu Rajiv
master of the nom, Hashstash

Vidhvat Madan
ghost in the machine, Independent

Vasu Chaturvedi
wielder of the force, Independent

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